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Finish: Minecraft Pillow

Kita and the Case of the Minecraft Dog

For Christmas 2013, I made my niece a quilt. This year, I felt like I should probably make something for my nephew to even things up a bit (especially when my friends say things like “you have a nephew?” Oops.) He’s still a bit young for making a quilt (read: his interests are still changing around quite a bit) so I figured I’d make him a pillow instead. As an aside, I love this photo because Kita’s hanging out going “what’s with the dog pillow?” which mirrors Mishka and the nyan cat quilt quite nicely. She also provides a nice bit of scale.

Voxel dog vectorized

Anyway, my nephew’s been into Minecraft and Terraria, both of which lend themselves to patchwork quilting, so that seemed like an easy choice. I got a list of his favorite things in each game, and settled on the Minecraft dog because dogs are awesome. A quick google search got me to a starting point, and I made up this design in Illustrator.

This kind of quilting is becoming a standard in my household.

I remember when I was younger, bigger was always better, so I decided to get the biggest pillow form I could find (which turned out to be 27″) for my design. Given that, I cut the blocks at 3.5″ square (and 2″ x 3.5″ for the half square rectangles) so it would finish at 30″ x 30″. After quilting it I trimmed it 1″ on each side and used 1/2″ seam to close it up.

There’s a zipper hidden in there. Kita’s impressed.

I once again used the hidden zipper tutorial @ made by ChrissieD because I really love the way it finishes up. The back is an echino linen, with the red of the dog’s collar as the zipper cover fabric. It was my first time using zipper by the yard, and I think I will stick to pre-cut zippers. I forgot that pre-cut zippers have that extra bit of twill at the top and kinda messed up the back of my zipper because of I didn’t account for the lack of header space. Ah well.

Eli’s totally checking out my seams. “My what nice points you have!”

This pillow also marked a new development in my quilting journey. I’ve been nesting seams to line up points for a while because I’m lazy, but I forgot to do that with this and pressed all my seams open (which is what I do when I’m not trying to line things up.) I used pins for the first time in ages and omg you guys I am ridiculously proud of how well everything lines up. It’s kinda like a Christmas miracle.

Kids playing Minecraft while on Minecraft pillow. This picture is so meta.

Overall, this was a pretty fast project and I managed to finish it up a full day before I left for Christmas with my brother’s family. That’s some kind of record! My nephew loved it and even more loved that I brought the XBox 360 with me so he and my niece could play Minecraft together.


Finished size: 27″ x 27″
Design: Minecraft and its graphics are copyright by Microsoft.
Fabrics used: Kona Cotton solids, Michael Miller Cotton Couture, Kaffe Fasset shot cotton
Back: Echino linen, Kona Cotton in Chinese Red
Number of times I accidentally zipped the zipper head thingie off the zipper: 4 (I am really good at re-threading those things now!)


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