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Finish-Mini-Mishka Army

This is my last finish for the holiday season! There wasn’t a lot of time between my decision to make these and their execution, so I apologize that these are sort of out of the blue.


These came into existence because of a bout of insomnia around Christmas time. Whenever we travel with the dog, we generally stay at Motel 6 because they don’t have size restrictions (Mishka is about 5x over the 25lbs size limit most places have.) They are however, not the most comfortable hotels and I almost always have trouble sleeping the first night.


So while tossing and turning, I was feeling bad that I hadn’t made our vet staff anything for Christmas. And suddenly this idea came to me and I had to make them as soon as we got home.


You see, Mishka is not the most healthy dog in the world (although she might be the most slobbery.) Her original owners got her in Russia back when they lived in Poland. They moved to Nevada at some point, and brought her with them. They got a divorce, she ended up in a rescue, we fell in love with her, she came home with us, she took over the couch, you know… that classic story.


However, apparently living with only plants in Russia and in the barren desert of Nevada meant that when she moved somewhere that had plant life, she was immediately allergic to all of it. The immunology report came back with her allergic to something like every single grass, most trees, and 12 other things. So to keep her from suffering, we get weekly allergy injections. We could do the injections ourselves, but our vet does the injections for free, and they’re so great with Mishka that she looks forward to visiting the vet every week. We also had a cancer scare this year, and she had surgery to remove some tumors. She came through fine and they did an awesome job with all of it.


So with all that, our vet and their staff are people we see at least weekly, and they are amazing and awesome and I wish I was a dog so they could take care of my health.

I tell you all this so you know why I was tossing and turning about not getting them something, and why at 3am on Christmas Eve, I woke up Eli to let him know that I’d figured out what to make our vet staff for Christmas. He was thrilled, as you can imagine.


As soon as we got home, I made a quick pattern and started work on them. The ornaments came together quickly, with most of the time devoted to the hand-stitched details. Making these was so fun, it was like making an army of mini-Mishkas! Come to slay you with cute!Β I made 6 total, and we kept the prototype for ourselves. With a slight modification of the tail and ears, these could easily double as little boxers.


Dimensions: ~3.5″ tall x ~2.75″ wide
Pattern: By me!
Materials: Eco Felt: Copper Canyon, Antique White, Chocolate, Black, Baby Pink. DMC floss & Pearl Cotton thread(I didn’t note colors)
Machine stitched, hand embellished
French Knot in the button hole to make it look like there’s a highlight on the eye: Totally Necessary.

Oh, and yes, the vet staff loved them!


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