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Finish: Modern Traditional Pillow

I have a finish, which is a great way to start the month! Nothing like mailing deadlines to get the dust off ye olde sewing machine. Although as the temperatures start to cool here, I have a feeling I’ll be on my machine a lot more in the upcoming weeks.


This is the a pillow I designed and created for The Great Pillow Fight Swap. I’ve wanted to participate in the Pillow Talk Swap for ages, but about the time I felt comfortable enough with my skills to participate, the group fell inactive. Some of the people from that group finally got together and made this new swap and I was lucky enough to get in!


It took me a while to make the fabric pull, but I finally came up with this color story, and got to playing with patterns. These aren’t my typical colors, but it was fun mixing it up a bit!


This design is inspired by this photo in my favorites (and now looking back on it, the colors were also apparently inspired by it!!) However, given the vintage/antiqued colors of my palette, I decided to go with a more traditional feel and added sashing and cornerstones to the design. I developed the design further in a later QDAD which is how it ended up where it is now.

Then my computer went to the shop for repairs and instead of waiting for it, I decided to redraft the pattern on graph paper and move forward. Which is how it ended up being 24″ square instead of 18″ square. This is a mistake anyone could make..right? 😉 Then I continued the mistakes by constructing it backwards which involved a lot of partial seams, and cutting the background diamonds the wrong shape and all sorts of “I’m sure this is right, I’ll just go ahead and do it” errors. I need to adopt the mantra THINK twice, cut once!


To continue the traditional theme, I added diamond quilting to the negative space, which reminded me of the quilting in those victorian bodices. And victorian things are totally traditional, right?


For the back I pulled a couple of soft, warm grey prints. I used the hidden zipper method based on the tutorial at Made by ChrissieD. Super easy! It was originally going to be just one print, but I cut it the wrong size initially. (See above think twice, cut once mantra.) I like it with the two prints better, though!

In a few days the mailing window will open and I can send this on to my partner. Hopefully they like it!


Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Fabrics – front: Kona Ash, Kona Snow, and a bunch of prints.
Fabrics – back: Lotta Jansdotter – Little Kita in Mineral Dust (named after my cat, right?!), Cotton and Steel basics – XOXO in Ghost
Fabrics – binding: Joel Dewberry – Herringbone in Turquoise (from True Colors)
Thread – Aurifil white
Number of seams: Approximately equal to the number of seams ripped


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