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Finish: Modified Urban Lattice

Remember when I worked on things other than the Dragon Quilt of Doomity-Doom-Doom-Doom? Yah, me either.


But apparently I did, because I just finished the binding on my dad’s modified urban lattice quilt! It’s been washed and dried, and it has that awesome crinkly texture now.


The quilt is a modification of the Urban Lattice pattern by Me? A Mom? with a few changes based on things I liked from various versions posted in the Urban Lattice flickr group. The blocks are large–each diamond block is 24″ square. I made the 12″ units (1/4 of the diamond) using 12″ scrapbook paper, so I knew I was starting with a perfect square, and I didn’t have to tape printer paper together which I will go out of my way to avoid. The scrapbooking paper a bit thicker, which made it rip off a bit easier, but I did have to modify my tension quite a bit while I was sewing.


After the Christmas crazy, I’ll post the measurements I used for my pattern in case you’d like to make your own!


The colors were chosen loosely by my dad.
Me: “I know you want blue. Do you just want typical dude colors?”
Dad: “Not necessarily!”
Me: “Oh, okay. What other colors would you like?”
Dad: “Some greens and maybe browns?”
Me: “So, typical dude colors.”


So going from that, I started with the navy.Β I love navy in general, but I also love how navy gives a masculine feel to a quilt, so starting with that was a no-brainer. I went with sky blue, lime and a range of browns for the prints because I liked how they played with the navy. The lattice is Kona Cream, which gave the contrast I wanted, but felt warmer and less stark than white.


The back is two of the new Konas, Kona Storm (darker of the two) and Kona Prussian. I used scraps from the front to make the HSTs on the back.


The quilting is done by Bonnie @ FabricHart. I really love the designs she chose! She did waves in the navy blue area, and suns in each of the diamonds. The quilt is a gift for my dad who loves traveling, but spends most of his time on the west coast, so the sun and sea is particularly fitting.


My dad’s watched some of the progress of this quilt so it won’t be a huge surprise for him, but he was always terrible at surprises anyway. He was the type of person who could pick up his gift and suss out exactly what you got him just by squeezing and shaking it. We tried pie tins + marbles, rattles, shakers, and all sorts of crazy things when we were kids, but he’d still generally guess what it was. So now I don’t even try. That’s what you get, Dad! <3


Dimensions: 60″ x 72″
Fabrics: Many. The navy solids come from Kona, Cotton Couture, and Art Gallery.
Quilting: Bonnie Degase @ Fabric Hart
Binding: Interweave Chambray in Lagoon
My desire to use navy in every project: Not diminished


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