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Finish: Plaid Parfait

This weekend I spent time at the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild’s yearly retreat andΒ got quite a lot done.


First up, I was able to finally finish up the Plaid Parfait mini-quilt!


This quilt is part of the Michael Miller Spring Couture challenge for QuiltCon, and I was sent a F8 bundle of a set of pastels to work with. I let them sit around for quite some time as they are definitely not my go-to colors, but I wanted to try to make something with them. WhileΒ I was back east at the Heather Ross workshop, I was chatting with another workshopper and mentioned that I wanted to do a plaid quilt, but had no reason to do one. She suggested I use the design idea for the Spring Couture challenge, so thank you Dianne for that awesome idea! πŸ˜€


I came home and immediately started sketching. I came up with this design and spent some serious time with the Michael Miller color card to figure out all the fabrics I needed.


Next was figuring out how to put this thing together. I knew I wanted to strip piece it, but wasn’t quite sure how to figure out fabric allowances easily. Amy@badskirt walked me through her method of figuring out fabric allowances, which as a bonus, also showed me the pattern I needed for strip piecing. I call this “deconstructed plaid.” And actually I did one more step where the top and bottoms were made in the same strip set, then cut apart and sewn together with the center color between them. That makes sense in my head, hopefully the description is understandable!


The quilt went together fairly quickly since it was so small, but as you may recall I didn’t even want to show it because it was such a wrinkled mess. You all consoled me that it would quilt out and thankfully, it did! I grabbed colors of thread that I had on hand and didn’t worry too much about them matching since plaids often have thin strips of color running through them.


The back is leftovers of what I had purchased for making the quilt. I like how the quilting looks without the pattern competing with it.



Finally, the binding. I spent a good deal of time laying out all my solids I had purchased for the quilt and auditioning them. A lot of people liked the darker turquoise (Luna) and I liked the look but found it took too much attention away from those special spots in the quilt. I ended up going with the yellow-green (Limeade) because it reinforced the Spring part of the challenge and worked really well with the other colors.


I did extend a couple of the stripes into the binding. Because I’m never totally happy, I DO wish I’d chosen a random sampling of cross-overs instead of making it symmetrical, but overall I’m really happy with how this one came out!


Plaid Parfait
Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Fabrics used front: Michael Miller Cotton Coutures – Soft White, Candlelight, Creamsicle, Blossom, Spring, Spa, Breeze, Opal (all provided), Canary, Limeade, Mist, Fern, Seafoam, Pastille, Starfruit-that-was-supposed-to-be-Straw-oops, Luna, Aqua, Iris, Boy, and Petal
Fabrics used back: Michael Miller Cotton Coutures – Soft White, Mist
Binding: Michael Miller Cotton Coutures – Limeade, Pastille, Seafoam
Sanity Level: Pretty low as I’m considering doing another one of these in different colors.


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