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Finish: Radiant Orchid Weave Quilt

I mentioned a bit ago that I got a lot done at our yearly quilting retreat. One of the things I finished was the quilting on my Radiant Orchid challenge quilt. I figured I should try finishing it before they announce the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015, otherwise it might never get done!


Lately, I’ve made quite a few quilts that I’m rather proud of. This is totally not one of them. I feel like I should lie and tell people it’s my first quilt just to explain away all the construction issues with this thing.


I made it in a hurry (challenge deadline, yay!), it was a new pattern I was playing with, I was just learning my new machine and it was my first time constructing things on the diagonal. I definitely learned a lot from the experience…


Most of the issues aren’t visible in these photos, but I assure you they’re there. This poor thing has seams that are already coming apart because the seam allowances were too small from getting used to a new machine/foot, the corners are stretched out due to all the pressure on the bias, and I wasn’t paying attention to how I wanted to quilt it and changed my mind a couple times but didn’t bother ripping out the old stuff.


Because it was all stretched out of shape, it puckered in places. My walking foot leaked grease on one of the lighter prints. I used fat quarters for the binding so there are seams everywhere. I even seem to have photographed the finished quilt upside down! Seriously.


So all in all, not my finest work. But you know what? It is really good at keeping me warm, and the cats love it. And when it gets covered in fur and the animals kinda destroy it? I might even be the teensiest bit relieved.


Radiant Orchid Weave
Dimensions: 50″-ish x 50″-ish
Design: Inspired by the Woven Chevron block by Alyssa @ Pile O’ Fabric
Fabrics: Violet Shot Cotton by Kaffe Fasset, random stuff from stash, Kona Snow background
Backing: Crosshatch in Grey (extra-wide) by Carolyn Friedlander
Binding: Multi-Stripe in Raspberry by Kaffe Fasset
Excitement over Pantone Color of the Year 2015: High


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