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Finish: Sea Glass

When I was contacting friends to inform them of my upcoming move, I found out that a friend of mine had cancer. She had just gotten out of the hospital after a large number of -ectomy style operations and her prognosis is quite good. However, she told me that she’d be starting chemo in a couple of weeks and therefore wouldn’t be able to see me off.


After the initial jumble of thoughts began to sift out into coherence, I immediately started contacting quilty friends we had in common. Obviously we had to make her a quilt. It didn’t matter that I was scheduled to move in a couple of weeks. And we really wanted to get her a quilt before chemo started because my understanding is it’s quite cold during the procedure.


Karen @ CapitolaQuilter, Gillian @ codingcrafter and I started bouncing ideas around. We started complex and kept throwing out ideas until we got to something we thought would be meaningful but also doable in such a short amount of time.


We finally decided to use Equal to design the quilt. My friend is a tech+craft person and makes traditional as well as generative art, so I knew she’d appreciate that aspect of the design. We went with sea colors because we know she likes them but also because they seem calming without being too cold.


To create the quilt, I went over to Karen’s house after lunch, and Merydith from our guild joined us. Merydith didn’t even know the person we were making the quilt for, but she was happy to help. Have I ever mentioned how much I love quilty people? With the help of Karen and Merydith, we had a basted quilt top all ready to go by 6:30pm! :O


During construction, our motto was “made with love, not perfection” because we wanted to keep in mind that it was more important to have a quilt ready for our friend than to make sure all the points matched. Of course we would have preferred to make a quilt with both, but the reality of the situation is that we didn’t have a lot of time to work on this project.


For the backing, I decided to use minky because cuddly warmth seemed to be called for in this situation. We used spray basting and I had no real issues with quilting other than the additional drag. I straight line quilted and just kept the weight off the machine and it went fine.


The other reality about this quilt is that it will likely need to be washed a lot. Because of that, I elected to use machine binding. It’s getting easier to do that style of finish, although my stitching still isn’t super straight.


Last week, I was able to visit my friend and present her with the quilt. I am heartbroken that I won’t be around to be with her during chemo and help in person, but I’m hopeful that the quilt will provide her some comfort. She said she fell asleep under it mere minutes after we left. My work here is done.


“Sea Glass”
Dimensions: 48 x 72″
Fabrics: Kona Silver, Kona Pond, Kona Capri, Kona Lagoon, Kona Pacific.
Backing: Minky
Binding: Kona Capri
Total time to finish: 3.5 days
Broken hearts: at least 1


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