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Finish: Sewing Sayings Embroidery


Something many of you may not know about me is that I am a huge font nerd. I try not to let her out too much, but she’s in there. Watching. Waiting for that moment when it’s absolutely necessary to point out the best uses for slab serifs or wax nostalgic over my love affair of Bodoni. (Now you see why she mostly gets hidden in the closet.)


When I first saw Rachael @ imagine gnats‘s sewing sayings, I fell in love with them. I love the typography – her choice of fonts work beautifully together – and the scale and spacing are lovely.


So when she invited me to participate in her january pattern tour blog hop, I didn’t hesitate to pick her sewing sayings as the pattern I wanted to try out!


I like that she included suggested stitches, but also showed some variations on the theme. I even tried out a couple of stitches that I’ve never tried before, my favorite being the laced running stitch I used around the outside. I used a chambray for the fabric, which is a bit thicker than standard quilting cotton and it worked out quite well.


These come together pretty fast, as well. I made most of this on a game day while waiting for the guys to take their turns (why do they take soooo longgggg?!), and finished up the rest in front of the TV.

january pattern tour bloggers and button 800 px

If you’d like to try them out, Rachel is having a 20% off sale on all her pdf patterns in her shop during the blog hop. Just use the coupon code:Β januarytour

Since the guys haven’t gotten any faster at taking their turns, I’ve already started gathering supplies for the next one!


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