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Finish: “We Are”

I managed to finish my Amish-inspired quilt in time for the entry deadline! Phew.


The quilt is entitled “We Are”, and I designed it as an introspective look at the cultures of both the Amish and myself. The Amish shun modern technology, and I am a computer scientist living in Silicon Valley. Despite this extreme difference, there is common ground between us in the form of quilting. “We Are” is a celebration of these similarities and differences between our cultures.

yardageThe quilt is made up of Kona Indigo and Wasabi, the dark navy to represent the Amish influence, and the acidic green to represent the technological aspect. The picture above is the most accurate one I have of the actual color of  Kona Wasabi. My SLR camera just turns it yellow.


I bound it in Ultramarine, a beautiful in-between color between the deep blue and the bright chartreuse. I managed to figure out how to do binding with diagonal joins instead of straight joins. I’m quite proud of that! I’d always managed to mess that up in the past and I’d give up and just go to straight joins. Man it’s a lot nicer to hand-sew the back of the binding when you do the diagonal joins. I’m so glad I finally mastered it!


The back is Cerise, mostly because hot dang I love that color. But it’s also a color I’ve seen show up in Amish quilts in the past. You can really see the quilting nicely on it, which is really fun.


The quilting is done vertically in the Indigo regions and horizontally in the Wasabi areas, mostly to re-emphasize the differences. I wanted the attention to be mainly on the blocks of color, so I color matched the thread. Which is why it’s nice that it shows up on the back, because it makes a really neat pattern which wasn’t planned at all. It’s also nice since I turned the quilt approximately one bajillion times so I’m glad the work shows up somewhere.


I realize it’s a simple looking design, but this is my favorite quilt I’ve ever made. It’s really in sync with the direction I’ve come as a designer, and it’s really striking (I think!) in person. In photos it looks like black and yellow which drives me a little insane, but turns out Wasabi and Indigo are almost impossible to photograph next to each other.


Dimensions: 52″ x 64″
Fabrics: Kona Indigo, Kona Wasabi
Back: Kona Cerise
Binding: Kona Ultramarine
Batting: Black batting! Serious business! Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 black batting
Number of lint roller sheets used to remove the OMG noticeable fur on that dark blue: 12


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