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Finishing Line

Well, it’s the fourth quarter of the Finish-A-Long (btw, why is the ‘A’ pulled out Β in QAL and FAL? It always makes me think that only long things qualify. Anyway.) and I like goals as much as the next A-type. (Wait, maybe that’s what the A is for!)

So I thought I’d play-a-long. And everything on my list is stuff I’ve worked on this week, so hey, WIP two-fer!

1. Dragon quilt for my niece.



I’ve been sketching up dragons to figure out which ones I want to scan and clean up and turn into appliquΓ© patterns. I’m not scared of this project at all given that it’s all new and I have no clear vision for it. Nope. Not me! (Spoiler alert: I’m lying.)

I also picked out some fabrics to narrow in on the color scheme, although I don’t know if these are the fabrics that will make the quilt.

2. Urban Lattice quilt for my dad.


Fabrics picked (bonus points if you noticed the blues and greens are the same between these two stacks)! I need to go find some 12×12″ paper, which I may have already gotten ages ago. I’m sad that the blocks aren’t more on the order of 8.5×11″ which is much more printer friendly.

3. Bento Box quilt for Eli (read: me!)


ALL THE BLOCKS ARE MADE. Hallllelujahhh!! This project has been going for a year and a half. Now I need to cut them all into quarters and mix em up and sew em together again and I’ll have a top! Also, to make this picture, I had to take 6 pictures and frankenstitch them together, since my design wall would only fit 6 blocks at a time. That’s going to be fun when it comes time to lay out the quarter pieces!

4. Rainbow/low-volume quilt for rainbowy goodness.


I started working on this and have a few blocks done. I’m at that stage where I know once I get more done and some variation in there I will like it better, but right now I really don’t like it, and it’s hard to convince myself to do more. It’d be SO much better with Oakshotts. *sigh*

5. Snake River quilt for April & Kerry.


Yah, that thing. I cut out all the pieces earlier this year and they continue to wallow in the brown paper bag in which I hid them. Perhaps they would thrive should I consider making them into full blocks. Let’s not be too hasty.

6. Dragonfly Broken Herringbone quilt for [currently unknown].


I should have the top back in a few days (it’s been on display at Hart’s, my first display “quilt”!), and now I should make it into a quilt without the scare quotes.

Hey that list isn’t so long, that should be easy peasy, right? One quilt every two weeks. No problem!

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