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For the Love of Color: Navy

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that my favorite color is “all of them.” My friend told me recently that this meant technically my favorite color is white, because that’s “all of them” together. He has a point.

Anyway, looking back at my fabric purchases and some previous projects, I think it’s time to come clean. Let’s just say that I seem to be going through a “navy period”.


It’s a fantastic dark neutral. It’s not as stark as black, but it retains the depth. Cooler than grey, but still plays nicely with others. It’s the color of the night sky and makes a deep, rich backdrop to bright and saturated colors and balances well with earthy tones. I keep thinking I’m “over navy” and yet I’m finding myself drawn to it again and again, especially when winter is looming.


I have a quilt design (urban lattice with a few modifications) picked out for my dad’s quilt, and perhaps this will help me work through my navy phase? We’ll see. I’ll probably be back next year!


1. Shoot for the Stars…quilted!, 2. Back back, 3. constellations quilt, 4. Rose qayg, 5. Weekender Bag, 6. Prism(a) quilt finished!, 7. Tui Feathers, Forest QAL, 8. DSC_0328, 9. Progress!

Looking around flickr, it looks like I’m not the only one with a love of navy. Above are a sampling of my favorites!

Is there a color you keep finding yourself drawn to in your designs?


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