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Founders’ Friday: Founders We Love – Makie Lab.

I’ve followed the marvelous, witty Alice Taylor for years now, because on her blog Wonderland she wrote about video games and culture with a playful and insightful perspective. Then she went on to direct the games group at the BBC, and now, she is a founder of the imaginative Makie Lab.

The idea behind Makie Lab is so perfectly right now. You design a custom doll through a digital tool, clothes and all, and then that doll is created with 3D printing and shipped to you. It hits squarely inside both the Maker Movement and Manufacturing 2.0, which is what I call the micro-manufacturing industry that is rising out of digital customization.

And the dolls are eerily gorgeous, with amazingly well-defined facial expressions. And their clothes! It boggles the mind. The clothes have to be hand-made, right? It’s stunning.

Congratulations to Alice on the Alpha launch of Makie Lab! You’re an inspiration!

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