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Hand Stitching

I’ve been really focused on getting the embroidery done for my hand-stitched class the last couple of weeks, and have not even used my sewing machine this week. However, the end is in sight!


I really like hand stitching. In fact, hand-tacking the back of the binding is one of my favorite parts of quilting! It’s been fun getting more comfortable with running stitch as I worked through all this, and I love the texture that it adds to the quilt. I will admit though, I’m a little tired of blue and grey at this point. I still need to satin stitch the “jewels” in the empty squares, and those will be in coral and lime, so that will add some much needed color.


I am really loving working on this. I just wish I didn’t have a bunch of other projects creeping closer to deadlines making me feel so rushed!


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