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Heather Ross Challenge – One Week

Between getting really sick and spending large amounts of time putting fabric around comic book boards, there has been almost no sewing lately.

However, the one thing I have kept up on is the Heather Ross Drawing Challenge. When I was teaching at UC Santa Cruz, I told my game design students that they could be good at anything, it just required them to practice the crap out of it. But of course, I didn’t take my own piece of advice… I’ve wanted to improve my drawing for years. I’ve got some basics down from when I took some art classes years ago, but I’d draw one thing, get frustrated, and move on.


So when Heather Ross posted her drawing challenge – draw every day for 3 weeks – I had to try it. It’s been one week, and I thought I’d post my progress, because I’m really excited by it! I really want to be able to draw animals, so my drawings have almost entirely focused on my pets.


I definitely still have frustrating days, and days where I suddenly can’t draw for some reason, but it’s been a great exercise for me to work past that, and not give up. And it makes the successes so much more meaningful. I took pictures of every page of my sketch book and posted them to flickr, including the ones that frustrated me, so I have a
visual journal of my progress.


Is anyone else doing the challenge? It’s not too late, and I’d say it’s really worth it if drawing is something you want to improve at.


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