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Heather Ross Weekend Sewing Workshop in Palm Springs

This last weekend, I flew down to Palm Springs for three days to help out with the Weekend Sewing Workshop run by Heather Ross.


I’d never been to one of her Weekend Sewing Workshops, so I didn’t actually know what to expect, but I have to admit that more than a few times I wished I was there as an attendee.


The workshops are held at the Ace Hotel, which is probably the trendiest hotel I’ve ever set foot in. The room we were using was called the Commune, and had two walls entirely made up of windows. That could be rolled/lifted up. It was pretty awesome! We also had our own private pool for our group, although most everyone was too busy to partake.


Gretchen Hirsch (Gertie) and Annabel Wrigley were both there to teach, as well as Heather Ross, of course. The room was filled with Janome Horizon 8900s for use by attendees on whatever projects they made.


Annabel ran a table for making paper chandeliers which people hung from the lights as the weekend progressed, which was really lovely.


I ran the inkodye station, which is a type of dye similar to those sunprints of yore. When the dye is first applied, it’s a cream/tan color, but as the sun hits it, it begins to develop and gain color. Laying objects on top of the cloth means that those areas stay uncolored. We had a lot of fun trying out the different colors and objects!


Heather taught some embroidery basics, and people added embroidered embellishments to their inkodye projects. She also showed how to turn the dyed fabric into simple shirts, similar to traditional embroidered garments from around the world.

We may have also seen sneak peeks of Heather’s new fabric line and of Gertie’s new book, but that can be neither confirmed nor denied.

L to R: Me, Heather, Annabel, Gretchen. Photo by CapitolaQuilter.

Overall it was an amazing weekend, and I feel really fortunate that I was able to help out!

(Sorry for the instagram/cell phone photos, I didn’t bring my real camera.)


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