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I’m back!

I have returned from my conference! I didn’t buy any souvenirs but did manage to bring home the conference/cruise crud. I blame my advisor who showed up at the conference with bronchitis. Eesh!


The conference was good, and Cozumel was gorgeous, and as you can guess I got no sewing done. However, I did come home to a package from Spoonflower!


I’m still doing the quilt design a day thing, and some days the designs end up looking more like fabric designs than quilt designs. So I decided to put up a few on Spoonflower and see how they looked. There’s some scale and color tweaks that need to happen on quite a few of them, but overall I’m pretty excited about where they’re headed!

I’m slowly getting caught up with everything and working through my email backlog. Hopefully I’ll beat off this illness quickly because I am jonesing for some sewing time.


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