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In the last 12 hours I have:

1. Ruined Eli’s morning.


He woke up later than usual, and came along when I walked the dog. It was so lovely! He’s been working really long hours (sometimes working until 5a, and then getting up to get to work by 9a as well as working on weekends), so I figured he was taking a little down time.

We get back home and were prepping for breakfast. He asked, “Do we have time for pancakes?”

He makes the most wonderful banana cinnamon pancakes (sugar-free, yay!) and I dearly wanted to say yes, of course there was time. But my brain played back through the morning events.

Me: “Honey… today’s Friday. It’s not Saturday.”

Eli: “What?”

Me: “It’s Friday.”

Eli: “Haha.”

Me: “I’m…..I’m not joking.”

After checking his phone, and finally realizing I wasn’t just messing with him, he dejectedly started getting ready for work.

I really should have told him after he made the pancakes.


2. Been interviewed!


Cari at There’s a Thread conducted a really fun interview, in which I got to talk about how Play Crafts started, how Palette Builder works, and how I use the tool myself. You can read the interview on There’s a Thread. So much fun! How does one go from programming video games to designing quilting tools? I swear there’s a connection, and I talk about it there.


3. Remembered I did a guest post last week, but forgot to post about it. (oops!)


In my defense, it got posted when I was flying to Sewing Summit, and there was chaos of the conference and such, but yah, basically I suck. The post is about Palette Builder and my Red Dragonfly broken herringbone quilt. The quilt top is on display at Hart’s Fabric in Santa Cruz, CA which is also who the guest blog post was for. I talk briefly (for once!) about working from a photo towards a completed quilt.

Can’t wait to see what the next 12 hours bring!


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