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Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop

Plum and June

Today’s my day on Plum & June’s Let’s Get Acquainted blog hop! So let’s get acquainted, shall we?


Who are you?
My name is Anne, and I live in Santa Cruz, California. I’m an artist, a programmer, an animal lover, a gamer, a traveller, and generally a huge dork. I live with my partner, our Saint Bernard, and two cats. I absolutely love to geek out on quilt design and color stuff on this blog (which is why those posts tend to be on the longer side) but I also show in progress work a lot. Because there seems to always be more I’m working on than finishing


How did you start quilting?
I don’t actually remember exactly how it happened. I started working on a log cabin quilt when I was about 10 years old and got bored very quickly. I think I may have completed one or two blocks before giving up. Fast forward 25 years or so, and while I was in grad school for computer science (studying video games), I was about to crawl out of my own skin with the need for a creative outlet. I made a 1-UP mushroom pixel pillow for the lab complete with 5/8″ seams because I assumed I knew what I was doing since I’d quilted back when I was a kid! Somehow from there, my best friend and I found the modern quilting movement on flickr and started learning a lot more about quilting and design. We both dove in and haven’t looked back since! That was over two years and many quilts ago.


Where did your blog name come from?
Play Crafts is actually my startup consisting of three women: Jane, Gillian and myself. We create online tools for crafters. The first one is the Palette Builder tool which is free to use and can help you find a palette from any of your photos! We came up with the name Play Crafts because we are all gamers and crafters. We looked at software design tools that were available and realized that a lot of them had overly complex interfaces which sometimes got in the way of being creative. We decided to start Play Crafts to create design tools with playful, fun interfaces because really… creativity should be fun!


Do you have any tutorials?
Hey, yah I do! I have two tutorials for blocks, the broken herringbone and the shattered chevron (so much breaking in those names!) I also wrote a quilt photography tutorial currently being hosted by Leanne @ she can quilt.

Enough talk, show me some pretties!
Here are some of the quilts and stuff I’ve made over the last couple of years!


1. Oakshott landscape, 2. Jumbo-er Star – Done!, 3. SSM2 – side 1, 4. Candy Rainbow finished, 5. charity quilt, 6. mod pop, 7. angry birds mini-quilt, 8. madrona road challenge quilt – 48″ x 36″, 9. Finished – Sew Sew Modern Swap, 10. nyan cat finished!, 11. Garden Fence done (front), 12. Front of the HST quilt, 13. inspiration photo + quilt, 14. Quilt Fronts, 15. Both pillows, 16. Done and stuffed

Thanks for stopping by my home on the blog-o-sphere! Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me a bit about yourself as well, or just say hi. 🙂

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