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Looking Back – 2012

This last year was a big one for me, and it almost feels like two years given how much stuff was packed into it!

I started the year with a few creative goals. I’d just learned to quilt in 2011, and there were a lot of things that I kept seeing people talk about that I really wanted to try in 2012.

  • Virtual Bees – I joined NuBees for three months, and 3×6 for a month.
  • Swaps – I’m in the Sew Sew Modern swap, which started last month, and concludes in January.
  • Quilt-a-long – I joined the Mod Pop QAL and have had a great time with that!
  • Make a tutorial – I created a tutorial for both the Broken Herringbone and Shattered Chevron patterns (apparently I like broken things).
  • Curves – I started with some shallow improv curves with my Antelope Canyon quilt, and then tackled deeper curves with the Mod Pop quilt.
  • Paper-piecing – Conquered and now addicted! I’ve even begun making my own patterns, I’ll post the outcome of that later this week.
  • Free-motion quilting – I got started with this at our sewing retreat in October, but I admit I still go to straight line quilting because I’m not super comfortable with FMQ yet.
  • Sewing clothes – I didn’t get to this one. I am signed up for a Craftsy class, so definitely in 2013!

I had one major life goal for 2012 – finish my PhD. In June, I graduated with my PhD in computer science, and it STILL hasn’t really sunk in. It is seriously the biggest and most intimidating/difficult thing I have ever accomplished in my life (well, until I have kids!) and was the culmination of 7 years of quite a lot of work. I also gave the graduation speech which pretty much feels like sealing the deal on conquering my fear of public speaking, too!

In addition to that, I helped with the creation of Play Crafts which has been really rewarding. I also taught my first quarter at UC Santa Cruz which was rewarding in a very different way.

I’m really excited about 2013, and to see what it brings. January I begin full-time working on creating more tools for Play Crafts to bring you all!

But for now, here is a mosaic of completed projects in 2012 . Minus two angel blocks and a mini-quilt which just got mailed today and will get posted after they arrive at their destinations.


1. mod pop crinkly, 2. mod pop crinkly back, 3. nyan cat finished!, 4. done front, 5. back done,
6. anne side, 7. 3×6 blocks done, 8. NuBees September Hive 5 – Shattered Chevrons, 9. Dice bag for a writer friend, 10. Laptop sleeve,
11. laptop sleeve, 12. for gillianms85, 13. Front of the HST quilt, 14. Back of the HST quilt, 15. NuBees June Hive 2 blocks,
16. gillianne, 17. inspiration photo + quilt, 18. plus quilt front, 19. Plus quilt back, 20. Baby quilt front

Happy last day of 2012!


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