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Lovely Year of Finishes – March Finish

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Whew. A little under the wire there, but I’ve finished my March goal for Lovely Year of Finishes! I will admit, when I originally made this my goal for the month, the instructions for the entire thing had not been posted, and I thought I’d be able to finish the quilting as well. Well, when Rachel posted the quilting instructions, she mentioned that it took her almost three months to do. So I’m going to give myself a little bit of a bye on this one since I didn’t know better.


However, the top and back are done! The back is Kona dark teal solid, to pick up the more aqua tones on the front. I have decided on this being a wall hanging, so I didn’t bother doing anything fancy on the back. I’m planning on doing the hand quilting as my project that I work on while watching TV and traveling, and not stressing about it. In the meantime, it feels REALLY good to have this one off my plate!


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