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More hand-stitching!

First of all, don’t forget to enter our giveaway for the Lizzy House Constellations FQ bundle! Also, I am behind on replying to comments, but I will try to get caught up this weekend, my apologies!

Apparently this week and weekend are brought to you by hand sewing. While I wasn’t at the laundromat (yes that means our dryer didn’t get fixed. boo!) I was sewing hexies together or working on my handstitched class project. I finished my needle book and I love blanket stitch now! I really like how it looks around the corners. I think paisley would make a really fun design.


When I first drew out the design on the front, I didn’t think about how you cut out the inside, leaving a border so you lose quite a bit. So while what I sketched looked like a flower, instead what I ended up with was demon chicken needlebook. Which y’know, is really more me anyway.


This is the inside. I don’t have scissors small enough to fit yet, so I will do the scissors enclosure when I do and I can measure it out properly. 🙂 I forced myself to use some of my treasured salt water because I liked how it looked with the felt I had picked out. The felt was picked out because it was the closest they had to the emerald green pantone color of the year, which I challenged myself to use.


I also got these hexies put together. I just need to add the black borders, but I wanted to change thread color for it. Hopefully will have this item done by the end of the weekend! I’m starting to feel pressure to get this done in time!


Finally, I got all this pre-washed. Phew! This is for my handstitched modern medallion quilt. I realize that looks like a ton of pastels, but the vision I have for this quilt isn’t quite that pastel-y. We will see how it actually turns out, though! :O

I had a much longer post planned, but Eli just informed me that we’re going to IKEA for my birthday, so maybe I will finally be able to instill some order into my sewing room!!! You all would be appalled at what it looks like now. Think piles of fabric thrown onto a very small work surface and you’d be closing in on the truth. Then add in a desk full of scraps to be sorted and some bags on a chair of fabric that has been purchased but has nowhere to go and throw all this into the middle of a room being used for storage and you start getting the idea.


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