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Motivational Monday

Time moves so strangely. How can it be moving both too slow and too quickly, simultaneously?? How did it get to be the end of October so quickly, and why isn’t it December yet? 🙂

There have been some amazing fabric sales this last week, and I admit, I’ve been partaking. I feel a bit like a squirrel, gathering supplies for winter (read: Christmas making), but I couldn’t pass up these texty beauties.

Lately I’ve also been REALLY drawn to map prints. I foresee a few purchases in that direction in my future! I can’t wait for the new Architextures line by Carolyn Friedlander, for instance! I think it’s not just text, but that text is often done in an aesthetic I enjoy, which are patterns that look hand-inked.

The text fabrics are motivating, but so are a lot of gorgeous projects on flickr. Here are my favorites from the last week or so that are getting my creative juices going!

1. peach palmetto quilt by carolyn friedlander, 2. MS rainbow bag 3, 3. Hooky Junk,
4. mouthy stitches 2 front and back, 5. A Christmas Pillow, 6. triangle quilt front,
7. Low Volume Quilt, 8. The Traveling Quilts for Heather, 9. Mouthy stiches – Tote finished 🙂


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