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Motivational Monday

I’ve been in a creative slump for the last few weeks, but had ongoing projects to push me through…until this weekend where I felt like I hit the wall. I’m itching to create, but when I sit at my machine my mind just goes blank and anything I try ends up not fitting with what I wanted. It is a pretty awful feeling, honestly. So I took a break and surfed flickr for inspiration.

1. Mod Pop in progress, 2. Ron Swanson Along – RonQuilt vists NBC’s Parks and Recreation, 3. Dusk Quilt Top, 4. Ba{m}s Pillow Swap, 5. MSM Mini – going in the mail soon!, 6. Super Mario Bros. QAL top, 7. #35 Madrona Herringbone, 8. PTS9., 9. Cathedral window cushion cover

Fingers crossed that my muse will come back from vacation soon!


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