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Motivational Monday

This post is a little later than usual, because I was waiting for the photos from my mom. 🙂

This post is also a little different than usual. Gillian and I had our graduation ceremony yesterday. My brother’s family and my parents came for the graduation, as did Gillian’s family and her two brothers. I went out to lunch with my family, and my niece and nephew gave me a wand and a Professor McGonagall hat. Presumably because I am now qualified to teach at Hogwarts. 😀 I loved the hat, and it even had a place where I could conveniently hang the tassel.

When I started graduate school 7 years ago (where did my 30s go??) I had anxiety attacks whenever it came to public speaking. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for over a week before hand. During the talk itself I would get this eye twitch which would make me even more nervous, and the entire thing was pure torture. Afterwards, I would be unable to sleep for a few MORE days because I would be going over every minute mistake I had made in my mind. Over and over. It was like an oyster creating a pearl without the cool jewelry afterwards. I almost dropped out of the PhD program because of it, as there is a lot of public speaking involved with the degree.

Yesterday, I gave the graduate speech in front of ~1100 people. I was a little nervous before, and even a little nervous during, but I actually enjoyed it while I was giving the speech itself. I think I was more proud of how far I’ve come with public speaking than I was of getting hooded. Even better, I received a number of compliments on the speech from people who were not my parents.

This is all to say, that even the most overwhelming fears can be overcome. I’m not in LOVE with public speaking, but we’re certainly on speaking terms. And I might just go out to coffee with it once in a while.

Drs. Anne and Gillian, PhDs.



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