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Motivational Monday

I have seen the light at the end of the dissertation tunnel, and determined that it’s NOT a scary oncoming train but is actually the end of grad school. It’s hard to believe, but I will actually have some of my summer off! And while there’s lots of work to be done at Play Crafts, our founding team is determined to achieve work-life balance. Plus, crafting counts as research now! 😉

I’ve always had an extensive and ambitious crafting projects list, but now that I’m anticipating some extra free time, it’s time to revisit that list. So, today’s motivation mosaic is an amalgamation of some of the new techniques I’m hoping to experiment with this summer! Fabric painting, water colors, advanced embroidery, hand quilting, bag making… I hope my summer is even a tenth as good as I’m planning!

1. Watercolor experiment, 2. a little bird told me – close up, 3. Where shall we Adventure?, 4. Rhapsodia State Street Tote, 5. waiting, 6. Abstract #5 Mini Embroidered Art Quilt, 7. silk scarf hanging in morning sun8.Art Journaling 9. Pebble Drawing

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