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Motivational Monday: Christmas Edition

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We’ve had our lights hung outside since the end of November, but are otherwise in pretty firm denial that it’s already the middle of December. But yesterday we went and picked out a tree, and now it’s sitting waiting to be decorated. It is in desperate need of a tree skirt–a beach towel just isn’t cutting it–and we’ve never had a tree big enough to justify an ornament for the top. The holidays definitely make my crafting to do list way longer!

What holiday crafts are on your to do list? Do they get done, or is it always a wait-til-next-year phenomenon? Here’s what’s motivating me to get just a little bit taken off the to do list this year (and, um, adding a whole lot more):


1. Tree Skirt!, 2. Christmas gift pillow, 3. Vintage Inspired Angel Mini Tree Topper – Pink, 4. Christmas Tree Skirt, 5. embroidered tree topper, 6. Snow Goons!!, 7. mess-less glitter ornaments, 8. ice gems, 9. Christmas Tree Skirt

Whatever you celebrate and however you choose to do it, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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