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Motivational Monday – Fabulous Finishes edition

In my first motivational Monday post, I featured lovely rainbow-colored quilts. Since then I have entered *cough*3*cough* rainbow charm swaps. It’s a serious addiction! I am considering turning my 3 different stacks into one mega-stack.

In my second motivational Monday post, I looked at lovely triangle-based designs. I ended up working on a almost-all-solids HST quilt that I’m making decent progress on.

Seeing how much these posts seem to shape my future, I’ve decided today to feature fabulous finishes that others have done in hopes it will help motivate me to finish my own projects! 😀 (Hey, it could work!) Besides, there’s just something about a quilt that is quilted and bound that isn’t captured when only the top is done.

Fabulous Finishes!

1. Red, 2. ::Handstitched:: this summer, 3. Flocking1
4. Stained – Finish!, 5. Seeing Stars, 6. Mendocino Dreams Quilt
7. office quilt, 8. retro flowers baby quilt, 9. Blue Squares Baby Quilt

What’s motivating you this week?



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