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Motivational Monday: Improv Edition

I’ve always had a scientific mind. I like things to be ordered, symmetrical, perfectly sized, with underlying patterns. Everything must be planned out.

But as I’ve been growing as a quilter, I’ve realized that my ordered mind is holding me back. Art isn’t about perfection and planning. So, one of my quilting resolutions for the year was to embrace imperfection and ditch the graph paper. I’ve made a little bit of progress so far, but I’ve got a long way to go. Thank goodness the internet is full of inspiration! Here are the improvisational quilts that are motivating me this week.

1. FTLOS2 Completed, 2. Orange Creamsicle Quilt 1, 3. Oakshott Cottons Block 8, 4. Close Up, 5. Bee Germany – March block for Susanne/Suleon, 6. echino Punch Quilt, 7. Finished!, 8. Improv Chevrons Quilt!, 9. Improv / free form quilt block number 5


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