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Motivational Monday: Sewing Room Edition

When my partner and I found out we’d be moving to Boston, one of my goals for our new house was a space just for me to set up as my craft room. Well, I got it! But it’s been storing all the boxes that are left to unpack, and we’ve been slowly working our way through unpacking. And now the only boxes left are full of sewing stuff (and, hopefully, the screws that hold the coat rack together!). So I’ve been spending a lot of free time gathering inspiration for how to set it all up. My IKEA furniture is sitting in its boxes waiting to be assembled this weekend, and I’ve been drooling over little jars of buttons and perfectly folded fabric color sorted on shelves. So this week’s motivational mosaic contains some of my favorite craft room setups.

Where do you sew? What’s your favorite craft supply organization tip?


1. Shelves, Magnetic Rack, Ribbon Rack, Tools – North East Corner, 2. ikea shelves2, 3. Sewing Room, 4. sewing corner, 5. Button Shelves, 6. New Storage, 7. The Result of My New Year’s Organization Flurry, 8. Organized embroidery floss, 9. Tubs of Seed Beads


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