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Motivational Monday – Spring 2013 Color Forecast

How is it Monday again already?! I think September is moving about three times faster than August did, and I have so much to do. No more bees, no more bees, no more bees! At least until after Christmas season. 🙂

Did you see that Pantone has released the spring fashion trends of 2013? I adore everything to do with color, and these forecasts fascinate me. This coming season, it looks like navy is going to get some time to shine as the cool neutral. I’ve been really loving the navy and pink/navy and lime combos I’ve seen lately, so I’m excited that we’re going to see more!

So this week, I decided to do a Motivational Monday based on Pantone’s color forecast! There were two extra slots, so you’ll see two yellows and two navies, but it sure does look like we’re in for some pretty colors this spring!

center – 1. Pantone fashion color report spring 2013,
2. City Green, 3. If it’s a boy quilt – front, 4. Teal Quilt, 5. Green Quilt,
6. “Drive” – Modern Studio Art Quilt, 7. Project Modern Challenge 2 Quilt Front,
8. Quilt fĂĽr Lisa, 9. Crane Star Pillow ,
10. urban lattice quilt, 11. blue quilt start, 12. the red quilt, detail, 13. Hexagon string baby quilt from Quilt Scene magazine

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

For a look at navy with some of these colors, Moda Bakeshop just posted a really cute quilt using Lucy’s Crab Shack by Sweetwater with navy. Such a great looking quilt!



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