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Motivational Monday: Winter Edition

Hey folks, Gillian here. I made my last post here a few months ago, when I was just getting ready to move cross-country to Boston. Well, I made it! And it’s been so crazy getting stuff set up at home and with the new job, and Anne has been doing such an AMAZING job with blogging, that I’ve been neglecting the Play Crafts blog a bit. But now I’m back with a motivational monday post!

Winter is definitely setting in up here in New England, and while I’m told this doesn’t count as “cold” yet, living in California has spoiled me for weather and I am already all bundled up. And with Thanksgiving behind us already, I’m slowly getting my brain in gear to start thinking about the holidays. A lot of the houses on our street already have their decorations up outside! So here’s my winter inspiration this week, as I start thinking about warm couch snuggling quilts and gifts for friends and family.

1. little christmas quilts, 2. christmas is coming, 3. Northern Exposure front, 4. Christmas Table Runner…, 5. A Walk in the Woods Quilt – Complete!, 6. christmas-quilted-items 020, 7. vintage holiday quilt, 8. Aqua Octagonal Orb, 9. Christmas Tree Quilt detail

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