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Nobody’s Perfect

A quick update from my last post, I have found the missing comments that weren’t getting emailed to me! I’ve been replying to them and should be caught up now. πŸ™‚

I will never claim to be perfect, but some days I’m even less perfect than normal. In the spirit of not always showing just the successes, here’s my progress for the week: a bunch of failure learning experiences.


I’ve started working on the next alien flora. I’ve chosen the Lunabelle flower, which is based on the design above.


So this is where I’m at. I sent the photo to some friends to ask for help on the curves, and one of them pointed out that the top left corner 4-patch is rotated incorrectly. I hadn’t even noticed because I was too busy focusing on how terribly my little circles lined up. Talk about insult to injury!

I’m not a precision piecer, mostly because I’m lazy. It turns out when you use prints, that’s fine, because a bit of slop can be camouflaged by the prints. When you’re using all solids? Not so much. I could maybe get away with making the seams a bit bigger and it might hide some of the slop, but mostly it looks like I need to practice sewing the smaller curves. They aren’t that great from the get go, and they just get worse the further I take them.

Other than a bajillion pins, what’s your favorite drunkard’s path/quarter circle piecing tip?


Then I was working on a small embroidery hoop project for my Sew Sew Modern 5 swap. WhenΒ I actually measured the hoop I was going to use, the design I’d embroidered wasΒ way too big. Why didn’t I just draw the circle on the linen from the hoop? Because I hadn’t purchased it yet and wanted to start on the project anyway. Yeah, now I just get to do it again! Good news, after making this version, I know I want to treat the center area slightly differently, so I can do it right the second time.

So yeah, it’s been a bit of a frustrating week. But hey, I’ve learned a lot of ways not to do things! Any second now, I’ll invent a light bulb. And we all know how much I love blinky lights!

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