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Olympic Quilting

The Olympics have ended, which always makes me a little sad.

But that doesn’t mean we have to stop talking about it (right? There might have been a memo that I missed.) I assume I’m not the only one who noticed and got gleeful at the many quilting references in the Olympic jackets, uniforms and of course banners!

olympics-palette (1)

I want to make a quilt inspired by those quilted banners so badly. AMH fabrics would probably be featured heavily. How beautiful is this design? Also, rainbow. Which you know I love. Also also, no small part of me appreciates the irony of rainbow banners being so prominently displayed in Russia.

So I started picking out some fabrics.


Center image: Quilted banners from Winter Olympics at Sochi 2014
1. Moon Phase Polkadot in Blue by Lizzy House
2. Josephine’s Boutique in Slate by Amy Butler
3. Brushstroke Floral in Turquoise by P&B Textiles
4. Zig Zag in ZestΒ by Timeless Treasures
5. Jungle Floral in Lime by P&B Textiles
6. Worn Poppy in Yellow by Laura Gunn
7. Social Climber in Gold by Anna Maria Horner
8. Gentle Breeze in Red by Leah Duncan
9. Cottage Path in Raspberry by Swirly Girls
10. Femme Fatale in Dark by Pat Bravo
11. Foxtrot in Purple by Michael Miller
12. Greenwich Floral in Aqua by P&B Textiles


To do the design justice, it would require so many more fabrics than this, but it’s a start!


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