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Ow. My fingers.

The Stitched in Color hand-stitched class has started, but the night I was going to pre-wash all my fabric (I don’t normally, but she said we should for our hand-stitched quilt), we found out our dryer was broken. Ugh. So I’ve been dealing with that all week. It should be fixed tomorrow, fingers crossed!


Speaking of fingers, to get into the spirit of the class, I decided to handstitch my pillow for the Sew, Sew Modern swap. It turns out hand quilting through paper-piecing (think: lots of seams) is hard. I have one thimble, but there are four fingers that were getting sore from the stitching. I ended up deciding to save my thumb, so now I just have a sore index, middle and ring finger on my left hand.

But, I’m done with the stitching, and I’m really pretty pleased with it! It’s not perfect in any remote sense of the word, but it was fun, and I definitely got better at it as I went.

I’m going to finish it up by doing some machine quilting in the linen area, and then make it into a pillow! I started this project back before our guild retreat (so, started in October!!) so it will feel REALLY good to have this off my list. To be fair, I didn’t work on it for 2 months in between, but still. I’m ready for something new.


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