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Pantone Challenge Quilt Top


Holy smokes, the Pantone Challenge link party starts NEXT FRIDAY, April 17!


I just returned from being in Washington DC for a week, but right before I left, I managed to finish up my Pantone Challenge quilt top! It’s small (36″ square) so I’m hoping I will be able to finish it before the party starts.


I ended up using this design from Equal, an equilateral triangle design generator I created. In creating this it became quickly obvious that in order to be useful, it really needs to generate the pattern as well, because dang. What a pain!


I showed you a sneak peek a few weeks ago, and something just wasn’t jiving for me. I finally realized that the charcoal grey I was using was too close in value to everything else, so it was all reading as kind of muddy. I didn’t want to go lighter (although I think that would be an interesting look too!) and I didn’t want black so that pretty much left Kona Pepper.


The Kona Pepper was perfect! Just the right amount of contrast, and the bluer undertones worked well with all those violets.


I consciously chose colors that would make the Marsala-ish color (Kona Cocoa here) look more brown than red, and this definitely accomplishes that task!


I have no idea what I’m going to do with this when it’s done, but it has convinced me to develop Equal a bit more and that I want to create another triangle quilt!

Any suggestions on quilting? Maybe straight lines echoing some of the triangles but not all of them?


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