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Pantone Spring 2016 Colors


Last week, Pantone announced the Spring 2016 Color Forecast! I am always super excited about this because I am a huge color nerd. But also! for the last 7 or 8 years, the Color of the Year has been chosen from the Spring color collection. Which means it’s time to play: Guess what color will be 2016’s color of the year! (Like I said, huge color nerd!)


As a fun exercise, above are the colors from 2015 for comparison. Looks like we’re going more saturated for 2016, but it’s interesting how related the colors seem.


1. Lazy Daisy in Navy by Elizabeth Olwen
2. Saltwater Fish in Blue by Natalie Lymer
3. Strikes in Pink by Kimberly Kight
4. Timber Valley in Coral by Violet Craft
5. Plus in Shortbread by Alison Glass
6. Everlasting Cacti in Desert Metallic by Bonnie Christine
7. Firefly Jar in Soft by Jeni Baker
8. Seaweed in Blue by Heather Rosas
9. Peeking in Green by Skinny laMinx
10. Ink in Yellow by Alison Glass
11. Plumage in Royal by Jane Farnham
12. Sacred Seeds in Tigerlily by April Rhodes

I was really hoping for a navy, but since there isn’t one, I’m going to wish it was Limpet Shell but actually guess that it’ll be Green Flash. So far I’ve managed to guess none of them correctly, though! πŸ™‚ They did change their logo to the Peach Echo color which is what they did with Marsala last year. Portent or Coincidence?!?

So what’s your guess? What color would you like to see for Pantone Color of the Year 2016?


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