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Pantone Spring Report – 2015

I’ve been so busy I managed to miss the Pantone Spring Report for 2015 when it came out last month. In case you missed it as well, here it is!

pantonespring2015-palette (1)

The colors seem much more muted this year than in previous years, with a pretty heavy blue/blue-green leaning. I used the Palette Builder to grab the closest Konas, and it came up with: Fog, Breakers, Candy Green, Regatta, Tan, Melon, Goldfish, Sunflower, Deep Rose, and Shadow.


1. Flight in Luna by Violet Craft
2. Pearl Bracelet in Ice Skate by Lizzy House
3. Blossom in Aqua by Dena Fishbein
4. Ivy Bloom in Cobalt by Amy Butler
5. Bubbles in Teal by Lesley Grainger
6. Josephine’s Boutique in Cobalt by Amy Butler
7. Cottontails in Jade by AGF Studio
8. Geo Braid in Coral by Allison Cole
9. Shaded Chevron Medium in Blaze by Riley Blake Designs
10. Jacobean in Citron by Dear Stella House Designer
11. Norway Motif in Pink by Sue Daley
12. Spring Branches in Multi by Dear Stella House Designer

Here are some fabrics that are out now that match the colors. That Marsala color is a pretty hard match, but the others are well represented!

The color of the year almost always shows up in the spring report. Which color do you think will be picked as the color of the year for 2015?

I’d love a deeper color like classic blue, but scuba blue is gorgeous as well. What do you think?


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