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Playing Catch Up

I keep meaning to post but every time I sit down to do so, there’s so much to cover that it feels overwhelming. So I’m just going to do a rapid shot catch up so that next time I have a clear slate to work with!

So here we go – the last month and a half as told by instagram.

Since chatting with you last, we packed all our belongings up and right before we left, we finally got our engagement photos taken.


Then we put the stuff the movers didn’t take and our animals into the car and started an epic road trip. California sent us off with an amazing full-arc double rainbow (that wouldn’t fit in the frame).


Then we went through a few states.




We found out along the way that Kita is actually an amazingly good traveler (we already knew Mishka was a good traveler). She never cried in the car and eventually became so comfortable that she slept up front with us while we drove.


We drove through some more states.




We checked out many fine rest stops along the way.



Then some more states.



A very brief re-entry back into Virginia..


And then finally into our new home state. (This sign is not a lie. They are open to your photo speeding ticket business at all hours of every day. *grump*)


2998 miles and 7? 8? days later, we made it to our new home in Gaithersburg, MD.


We arrived on Friday, and on Monday I started my new job at American University in Washington, DC.


I worked there for a week and then Saturday, I flew back to Monterey, CA for a conference (Foundations of Digital Games – an academic conference on games research).


At the conference I helped coordinate a hands-on workshop on craft and games. Yvonne @ Quilting JetGirl was there which was awesome! It was great having a chance to hang out with her again.


Yvonne ended up giving an impromptu lesson on how to make friendship bracelets because one of the attendees wanted to make a game around friendship bracelets but didn’t know how they were made. (She’s doing this on the floor because doing it on someone else’s leg is a little weird.)


After the conference ended, a group of us (including Gillian!) road tripped to Utah for another conference (International Conference on Computational Creativity – an academic conference about trying to make creative-like artificial intelligence). We went via Yosemite where we saw a bear (but didn’t get photos, it was in the stand of trees on the right).


And also Great Basin National Park.


Then we arrived at Park City, UT for the conference. Where we decided to teach as many people there as possible how to make friendship bracelets after stocking up on perl cotton floss.




(The two guys on the right were on my thesis committee.)

After that I flew back to DC after having been gone for 2 weeks. I had gotten a national parks pass for the trip into Yosemite and Great Basin, so Eli and I went to Monocacy National Battlefield which is pretty close to our house.


And that’s been pretty much it. Our stuff arrived while I was in Utah, so we’ve been unpacking and trying to find our new normal. I’ve done very little quilting. I’ve managed to make a block and tutorial for Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts and her Bee Hive quilting bee (the block looks pretty cool repeated).


I also unpicked some quilting using a pin because I couldn’t find my seam ripper.


Which Kita enjoyed.


And I’ve gotten a quilt back from the amazing Karlee Porter. Her quilting is so wonderful!!! This shows a part of the back of the quilt. The front you’ll be able to see in my book.


I’m slowly getting used to going from a stay-at-home quilting-is-part-of-the-job job, to a 3-hours of commute + full-time on-site job. Somewhere in there I need to get in some sewing time because I’m getting really behind on all my deadlines. And I’d really like to finish my book this decade so will likely have to focus on that first. But I’ll share peeks when I can!

Phew! So how about you? What have you been up to lately? I miss you all!



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