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Quilt Design A Day

So I’m gonna come clean, I’ve been sneakily skipping a pattern here and there for the last month or so. I entered a bunch of designs into the QuiltCon Design Challenge and they couldn’t be published, so I kept them off the blog.

I just learned that I didn’t win (bummer!), but that means I can share them! So here’s the make-up edition of Quilt Design A Day.

4-29: setting hues

Transitions –Β A study in transitions and the passing of time, something which fascinates me.


5-3: a door blues

Foreground and background – I love playing with the juxtaposition of foreground and background elements. I’ve also been wanting to work with quatrefoil designs for a while, so was excited that this seed presented me the opportunity.


5-4: a door hues

Alien writing – Yep, this is where the alien language thing started, and it would take a month before I got into the alien flora series!


5-6: agate hues

Wallpaper – I was inspired by the palette of one image and the image of the other, so I did a cross-over. I was going for the look of a lattice with flowers, and ended up here.


5-7: sea hues

Massachusetts church – I designed this while I was in Boston for my best friend’s wedding. One of the things that really struck me about New England was all the cute little churches. So I made a quilt design based on one.

The otherΒ designsΒ I entered are from date ranges I haven’t covered yet, so I’ll just display them as usual. I can’t wait for them to announce the winning design, I’m sure it’s amazing!


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