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Quilt Design A Day

Happy Friday everyone! We get a three day weekend here in the states, and man am I looking forward to that! I’ve been at a work retreat all week and am totally brain fried and wiped. I’m excited for the chance to recharge (and sew!)

Here’s another week worth of QDAD designs. Every day I spend 15-20 minutes in Illustrator making a quick quilt design. There are many people playing along, and you’re welcome to join our Facebook group if you’d like to join in too (or lurk, it’s all good.)

7-4: color scooped

On the fourth of July, our little QDAD group hit 200 people. To celebrate, we had a 200 challenge: make a design that featured 200 in some way. I’m a big fan of the movie 300, so I made a movie poster quilt design spoof of the movie. Stacey @ Stacey In Stitches one upped me by posting a photo of herself in an aluminum foil gladiator helmet and holding a rotary cutter. This is where she earned her name, Stacey The Bold (because you don’t call someone Stacey The Nutter when they’re holding a rotary cutter.)

7-5: paper flowers

After the 200 diversion, I went back to playing with HSTs. I’m especially intrigued by transparency effects, and I spent a lot of time playing with them in my designs. The design on the right makes my brain kind of hurt with the Xs that are a bit shimmery.

7-6: hues bowled

More HSTs, more transparency. This is a pretty common theme for a while. This one felt a bit cluttered to me.

7-7: eroded hues and surf hues

More HSTs?? Surely you jest. This one feels a bit boring to me, but I do like the cross shape in the negative space a great deal.

7-8: foxy tones

I really want to make this one. Super simple concept, but I really love it.

7-9: candied red

The colors made me want to design a baby quilt. I love the clamshell shape, and I like how only using a few rows of it makes it almost look like game-like hills.

7-10: flamingo hues

This almost reminds me of a retro ice cream parlor. I really had fun with these colors.

That’s it for me. I hope you all have a lovely and creative weekend!


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