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Quilt Design A Day


This has been just an insane week. I’m looking forward to the weekend, although that’s filling up fast, too. Hopefully I will have time to sneak in sewing, though! 😀

Here’s the latest batch of QDAD designs. As always, feel free to come join us on Facebook! I haven’t been very active lately due to insane levels of busy-ness but I’m just loving all the new designers and inspiration even if I haven’t been able to comment much. Also there’s been a very long run on succulents, geodes and flowers lately from design seeds, and man you’d hate to miss that, right? Right.

Anyway. On to the designs!

7-11: feathered hues

I was still exploring HSTs at this point. The main difference between these two designs is the sashing, and it amazes me how different they both look. I did rotate some of the HSTs, but the placement and color combos are the same.

7-12: color escape

I was feeling particularly uninspired when I made this design which made me sad because I really liked the inspiration photo. I wanted to play with transparency with this design, and do a bit of a twist on the typical XO block.

7-13: color detail

With all that HST play, I’d never tried out a sawtooth style block. I’m not normally drawn to those types of designs, but I actually had a lot of fun playing with this one! This is one of my favorites from my HST explorations.

7-14: mental vacation

Around this time I got tired of playing with HSTs, so I decided to play with other shapes for a while. I started by playing with abstractions of the ripples and pier posts in the inspiration image, but then it started looking like music, so I developed that idea a bit. I’d love to play with the music theme some more, actually.

7-15: chilled hues

Scoops of ice cream always call for curved shapes as far as I’m concerned! I thought it was fun how changing the value of the colored areas tricked my eye into seeing different shades in the grey. It’s actually all the same grey though!

7-16: firecracker hues

These are my firecracker butterflies. I think this design might have a bit of promise, but wow I really dislike these colors. I also think the balance is off. I was going for a curved version of a farafelle quilt but it could use some development.

7-17: flora tones

Same design, just one uses HSTs and the other uses quarter circles. And has a flower on top. The curved one looks a bit like a totem. The HST one I recently revisited and reworked into something that I really love. I will hopefully be able to share the sewn version of that with you at some point!

And that’s another week wrapped up! I hope you all have a creative weekend!


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