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Quilt Design A Day


2-25: pasture tones and bundled hues – inspired by knobby pony knees and the lines of the lavender.

I mentioned last week that I’ve started working on a quilt design a day challenge, in which every day I choose one of the two design-seeds palettes and create a quilt design based on the photo and using the palette.

2-26: color crawl and color set – Inspired by basilisk tails and the shapes leading to and at the horizon line.

I’ve had a few questions since then, that I thought I’d answer for you all!

2-27: nature hues – I really liked the pairings of the flower buds at the top of the flower and the chevron shape created by them.

I use Illustrator to make my designs because that’s what I have and know. There are other people joining in, and they all use different programs such as inkscape (a free program), EQ7, and one participant even uses Processing which is a programming language. There are no real rules, people are welcome to use whatever they want, including pencil and paper.

2-28: petalled brights and global hues – Inspired by the curve of the flower (recreated in HSTs and HRTs), and the lines of the shutters and window ledges.

The goal is to just do something creative every day with a loose time-limit. That time-limit helps from falling into perfection mode, and doing it every day leaves room for mistakes and experimentation, because if it doesn’t go well, there’s always tomorrow!

3-1: tuscan tones – I was really drawn to the trees and how vertical they were compared to the relatively horizontal landscape.

One of the things I have enjoyed the most is that we have a thriving Facebook group (open to anyone, please feel free to join!) and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different designs everyone comes up with with the same starting inspiration.

3-2: global brights – inspired by the metal work on the fence and door.

The fun thing is that there are no real rules. Not everyone participates every day. Some people make their own palettes, or find their own inspiration for their designs. Some people add or remove colors. What is “allowed” is really up to each individual.

3-3: floating tones – inspired by the water lily flower and the ripples in the water.

I’ve gotten permission to share some of the designs from the facebook group with you, below. I think you’ll agree there is a lot of creativity in our little group!


1. artichoke tones by Amy @ Badskirt
2. whisked tones by Β Jason Wehmhoener
3. leafed brights by Jason Wehmhoener
4. stacked tones by Gillian Smith
5. nature hues by Gillian Smith
6. petaled brights by Amy @ Badskirt
7. breakfast tones by Jason Wehmhoener
8. global brights by Stacey @ Stacey in Stitches
9. mosaic hues by Stacey @ Stacey in Stitches

A question for you all – if I started a weekly or monthly link-up for these quilt design sketches, would you be interested in participating?


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