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Quilt Design A Day

This post is a bit late today because I’ve been focusing on finishing up a talk on color theory that I’m giving at the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild meeting tomorrow. If you’re in the area and want to get your color geek on, stop by!

In the meantime, here’s another week of quilt design a day (QDAD) designs!

7-25: building brights

Last week I talked about a block I created that was a spin on the churn-dash block. Still playing with it this week a little bit. The arrows don’t show up in this version, but I love the geometric shapes it creates!

7-26: dessert tones

This design ended up being the one I used for my Great Pillow Fight swap, which you can see finished here. I liked how it was somewhat traditional looking but had a bit of a modern twist to it. Plus it reminds me of tulips, which are one of my favorite flowers.

7-27: a door brights

The arrows are back, sort of, but they are a bit hidden in this take of that churn-dash remix block. Mostly I wanted to play with transparency, which is always fun. This is the last of the designs using this particular block, but I’m pretty happy with all the variations that can come from it.

7-28: chilled tones

After so many straight lines, I took a break and played with circles. Again, playing with transparency (one of my favorite effects) but I also wanted to pay attention to depth and having the design “escape” the edges.

7-29: global brights

The challenge for this day was to create an “in your face” design. So I made a simple HST block and rotated it, scaled it up and had it go off the edges so it looked like it was coming towards the viewer. Don’t really care for the colors, but I like the effect of the block!

7-30: feathered hues

It’d been a while since I’d attempted stars, so I decided to play with them some more. I’m quite happy with how this one came out, and it was designed to leave room to play with transparency effects. I like the secondary shapes this one makes as well.

7-31: setting tones

And more transparency and stars! This one ended up looking more like a bevel in a jewel than a star, but it had some interesting effects. I think I prefer my stars a bit simpler, though.

And that’s another week wrapped up! I hope you all have a creative weekend!


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