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Quilt Design A Day

Woohoo, we’re about to head into another weekend! Yesterday, I took a look at my quilt top stack from this year and realized it was absolutely ridiculous. So I carted them all off to the local quilt shop, bought yardage to make backs for all of them, and am having a backing and basting party kind of weekend. #quiltsgotback (join in on instagram!)

Most of the quilts are QDAD designs. I’d finish a design and by the time it got pieced, I’d be excited about the next one. I just don’t get excited about backs. Or basting *shudder*. Or quilting. Binding I enjoy at least, although lately it’s been hurting my hand after a while. Maybe I shouldn’t try hand binding for hours at a time. Pfft.

But in case my quilt top stack starts getting too small, here’s another week of QDAD designs!

8-1: color bloom

This is one of my favorite designs I’ve done so far. It combines my love of plaid, tiny pieces and flowers-as-squares. I can’t wait to make this one in all of it’s tiny pieced glory! I was writing my webinar during the week I was doing these designs, and realizing that I had been on a square canvas kick for quite a while. I switched to rectangular designs after I gave the webinar, but I really do miss the square quilts!

8-2: global hues

More flowers-as-squares and far less successful than the one from the previous day. This might be more successful with 3 or 4 colors.

8-3: flamingo palette

This design is a study in abbreviated images (basically something that’s had part of it cut off.) I designed it to be a little uncomfortable, and to feel like if you could just see a bit to the left or to the top, you’d see more of the design.

8-4: flora tones

Exactly a month after the 200 challenge, our QDAD group on Facebook reached 300 people. It seemed fitting to make the 300 challenge design fit with the previous theme. So here is my reprisal.

8-5: a door palette

I wasn’t very happy with the design on the left. Then a friend of mine told me that it reminded him of an album cover for Greater Miranda by Agony Aunts. I changed the look to match the cover a bit more and got the design on the right. It’s a simple change and a simple design and yet I really love it! Squares in squares. If I knew that’s all it would take to make me happy with a quilt, I could have saved myself a LOT of trouble. 😉

8-6: global tones

I thought the shape of the arches in the inspiration image were reminiscent of orange peel designs, so I went for it! This ended up feeling almost Hawaiian, and I love the happy colors.

8-7: color view

This is pretty derivative of some of my earlier designs, and therefore I’m not super happy with it. I can’t remember, but I’m guessing this was a “omg I’m stressed out and don’t have time to really put into this” sorta day. Some times I’m just going through the motions, but those days still carry me through to the next. 🙂

And that’s it for another week! I hope you all have a create weekend!


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