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Quilt Design A Day

It’s Friday, which means it’s time again for the Quilt Design A Day roundup!

I don’t have any interesting stories to share today. It’s super hot and my free time is full of quilting. Did any of you see Real Genius? It was my favorite movie in High School, and I think I saw it every day the summer before I left for college. Man was THAT a let down. Anyway, now anytime someone says it’s hot I think in my head “it was hot and I was hungry!” There’s the non-sequitur for the day!

8-8: dessert tones

At some point in the QDAD group, we decided to have a series of group challenges. This particular design was for the 9-patch challenge. I wanted to make a 9 patch that didn’t look like a 9 patch, so I put it on point and colored it to hide the edges. Of course at that point it’s just patchwork but let’s not get technical.

8-9: dessert palette

Apparently I was all about the dessert colors this particular week. The challenge for this day was stars. I really want to make a stars quilt but haven’t had a chance to yet. But I love the idea of a field of stars with one bright one outlined in hand quilting.

8-10: feathered hues

And thus began medallion week. The challenge was to create a central medallion, then add a border every day for a week. This was SO MUCH FUN. In some ways I wish I’d done something a little less themed, but I very much want to make the medallion quilt I created. My design was centered around a tribute to retro video games. The designs are inspired by the games but are not exact replicas. The center is my take on Space Invaders. I added a scan line like old TVs used to have to add a bit of interest.

8-11: sky spectrum

The second border is my nod to Pac-Man. It makes a nice breather border!

8-12: global tones

At this point in the Medallion challenge, I got a bit loosey goosey with the colors, but I did try to incorporate one or two from the inspiration images. At about this point I decided to add the games in order of when they came out. So next up was Donkey Kong. I am particularly proud of the barrels.

8-13: flora brights

Next up was Frogger. I had a lot of trouble with this one. It went through a ton of iterations (and I actually ended up changing it again the next day.) I was struggling with not having the design get so large as to be ridiculous, so each border had to stay fairly small. I also went back and added a scan line in the donkey kong border, so the central image wasn’t the only one that had one.

8-14: fox palette

You can see the change to the Frogger border I did with this one. Much better!

I also added in the Tetris border which was created by the world’s worst Tetris player. There are still a couple more borders to go, but they’ll show up next week!

And that’s another week of designs! I hope you all have a creative weekend!


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