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Quilt Design a Day

For those who are headed to and currently attending Market, please take lots of pictures, thank you! For those of us at home, we should appreciate how non-overwhelming our weekends are likely to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the meantime, here’s another week’s worth of Quilt Design A Day designs!

8-29: mineral palette

Welcome to the week of equilateral triangles. Whenever the photo inspiration is of a crystal, I think of rigid crystalline structures, and my designs tend to reflect that. This isn’t quite where I was hoping to go with my design, but I do really like the striping effect.

8-30: produced hues

More equilateral triangles! I have been really enjoying implied shapes and trying to get a feel for balance in designs. I was really quite happy with how this came out, and I like the larger background-purple downward triangle that is implied near the lower right part of the design under the double orange. Sometimes, it’s the little things!

8-31: mineral hues

With this one, I was going for a layered effect, but I think it would have been more effective if theย zig zag shapes interacted a bit more somehow.

9-1: Bonus Palette by Amy Gunson

There was a long (long.. LONG) stretch of flowers, rocks and succulents on design seeds, so Amy @ badskirt took pity on us and put up her own image and palette. I used the opportunity to make this split argyle design. I really want to make this one, and use quilting for the thin black lines to tie the argyle together.

9-2: rosebush hues

And back to flowers. There would be another month of flowers, flowers, flowers, rocks and flowers and succulents before we finally decided in the QDAD group to just make our own palettes. It was a really dreary month, so I apologize in advance for the designs I’ll be showing for the next few weeks. There was really not much inspiration to be found.

9-3: rose hues

I called this my “archeological dig site of flower bones.” I actually think it’s a funย design.

9-4: flora palette

Same design, colored three different ways. I was playing with a method of design where parts of the design disappeared because it was the same color as the background. It was a fun design method, but I didn’t stick with it particularly long.

My favorite for the week: definitely the argyle!

And that’s another week wrapped up! I hope you have a creative weekend!


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