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Quilt Design A Day

Friday! Anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend?

I have another week worth of QDAD designs to share with y’all.

9-12: winged hues

More improv-style designs! I had someone ask me privately to explain the whole improv design thing, so I figured I’d post it here because I’m sure she’s not the only one wondering. 🙂 It’s true that improvisational techniques are about improvising instead of following a pattern. However, there is a whole gamut of improv from wonky to no plan, just sew. I prefer to create improv designs that has some forethought given to the design sensibility, thinking about things like balance and movement. These QDAD improv designs are just design sketches playing with those things. Curves or straight lines? Horizontal or vertical or diagonal? Thin or thick? Etc. That’s what these design sketches are exploring.

For instance, I like this design because it has nice movement, and the balance of color placement works well for what I want it to do.

9-13: nature hues

Contrast the previous design with this one, which I think has pretty bad movement and the balance feels off. Yuck. There is nothing exciting to see here.

9-14: sunny hues

At some point along the way, I stumbled across the work of Ellsworth Kelly who is an American artist. His minimalist work is incredibly inspiring and I would happily make quilts around most of it. This is inspired by his work, and also another quilt that was inspired by his work by Maritza Soto.

9-15: succulent hues

Improv meets plaids and stripes! I am really fond of this design, although the colors are bunk. The design itself was heavily inspired by this pillow by Vida. Apparently this was a Flickr-inspired week.

9-16: nature hues

Another design inspired by Ellsworth Kelly! I was reading about a piece of his where he started with a simple painting of brushed lines. Then he cut it up and rearranged the tiles to create a new piece of art. So I did that with this design. I started with a simple stripe design, and cut it up and rearranged it. I did add that one dark stripe for effect, though.

9-17: autumn hues

This started as an improv design and ended up as a plaid/woven design instead. I have no idea how that happened, but I can’t say it’s surprising!

blue sky hues

And I finally just accepted my love of plaid and tried again with an improv/wonky-style plaid. The design on the right is the same shapes, but I jumbled up the colors for a very different look.

And that’s another week wrapped up! I hope you all have a creative weekend!


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