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Quilt Design A Day

It’s been quite a week around here. We have a very sick kitty that is keeping us on our toes and really taking it out of me emotionally. I’m not sure how much longer he’s going to be with us, but we’re trying to enjoy every day we have with him. Good news is, the vet says he’s not suffering, so we can enjoy his presence [mostly] guilt free.

In the meantime, I’m still keeping up with the whole QDAD thing. I’m finding it to be a nice outlet when I’m overwhelmed emotionally.

9-26: flora tones

I think this is my favorite repeating plaid design I have come up with so far. And of course it was one of the first. I think I spent most of the week trying to recapture what I got here mostly by accident.

9-27: husked hues

Taking a quick break from plaid. This is actually the sound wave of a cat purring, on exhale. I believe I made this design while spending some cuddling time with a purring kitty. I can be very goal-driven to the point of absurdity, and my cat is very good at getting my attention and forcing me to be in the “now”.

9-28: autumn brights

Okay, enough of the sentimental stuff, let’s get back to plaid. This one actually kind of hurts my eyes and it does that optical illusion thing where the colors change where they meet when you see it out of the corner of your eye. I call this “Halloween Plaid.” It could go with my Easter Plaid Parfait if I wanted to get into a plaid series.

9-29: petalled hues

This is what I mean about trying to recapture what I had in the first design. I like this well enough, but it’s kind of bland.

9-30: user-provided image and palette

I’ve got nothing. Maybe with less purple this would be better? Someone said it looked like peeling wall paper.Β Haha!

10-1: nature hues

After the previous day I returned to simple and chunky. This would be a fun block, actually. A bit static, but workable.

10-2: dahlia yellow

I liked the block enough to take another stab at it on point. This is too symmetrical to be all that interesting, though. Fortunately, after this one, I moved on to other things! So no more plaid for a while, I promise.

And that’s another week wrapped up! I hope you all have a creative weekend!


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