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Quilt Design A Day

It’s a long weekend here in the US, and I’m loving having some time off. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving who celebrated, and that everyone else is ready for a great weekend!

In the meantime, I have another week of QDADs for your enjoyment, so let’s get started!

10-3: amethyst hues

I finished off the plaid craziness last week, and was stuck with what to experiment with next, so I tried using the images as inspiration which is how this whole challenge started but it was something I’ve moved away from after a few months. So this is my gemstone inspired design. I find it interesting how removing that uneven edge on the left side makes the design on the right feel much less jagged.

10-4: retro-colored bikes

Oh gosh, finally. I haven’t really talked about it here before, but at some point this year, design-seeds moved from using stock photography to using her own photography. Which is obviously much cheaper for the person running the site, but it meant that there was much less variation in subject. After a month of seeing only flowers, succulents and minerals and minimal palette variation, the QDAD group on Facebook collectively felt like we had hit our wall and we started doing user-generated palettes. For the first week, Amy @ badskirt took the helm and came up with a series of beautiful images and palettes. This was the first of them and I found myself struggling to work with new colors and subject matter. It was a nice struggle. The image was of some retro-colored bikes, and this is my tire-tread design.

10-5: pinball wizard

As a gamer, I really connected with the second image Amy posted, which was a close-up of a pinball game. I spent many hours in the arcades playing pinball in particular, so I had a lot of fun with this design.

10-6: deer field

Day 3 involved a few fawns. I was trying to capture the idea of camouflage but really didn’t have the time to push this one as much as I wanted. I do love me some curves, though!

10-7: skyscraper

I am a country mouse, and cities make me feel very anxious and on edge. The image for the day was of a skyscraper/cityscape, and so I went with a very uncomfortable design to capture my feelings about cities.

10-8: ticket stub

The image was of some old ticket stubs, and I really loved the colors of this one. I played with a less literal star design and a more literal design. February 18th is when QDAD started, which is why I chose that date.

10-9: orange peel ombre

The image for the day was of a fancy frosted cake, done in an ombre effect which I really loved. I played around with a typical orange peel design, rotating and using color to try to capture the ombre effect.

And that’s another week wrapped up. I’m off to have some leftovers, and I hope you all have a creative weekend!


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