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Quilt Design A Day

We’re into that part of the year where everything seems to speed up even MORE than usual. I’m not ready for 2015, let alone Christmas! Guess I better get my butt into gear.

This week’s Quilt Design A Day offerings are a bit all over the board, but here we go.

10-10: Gondola Ride

The picture of the day was of the gondola ride found here at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I tried to capture the feeling of being suspended in the air by a wire, but not sure I really did the ride justice.

10-11: Playing With the Fishies

The photo showed some children’s blocks, and I went with triangles because I wanted to do something that felt playful, but then I ended up with these spikey looking fishies which aren’t very playful looking. I do like that it’s got a bit of a Southwestern flair, though.

10-12: Sundrops

As I mentioned last week, we’ve moved away from design-seeds on the Facebook group, and instead had our group members sign up for a week to do palettes. Anna Ortiz chose the photos and palettes for this week. Her first image was of some gourds and pumpkins, since they were so seasonal. I was trying to get a gourd shape using HSTs and quarter circles, but ended up at sun drops instead.

10-13: The Gamer Gate

The image for the day was of a pretty butterfly sun catcher. However, I ended up going in another direction as I was really heavily affected by some of the events going on in the gaming community. I’ve mentioned it a bit in the past, and I have done a few designs in response to it. Here’s what I wrote about this design at the time. “This design is not supposed to be very comfortable. It’s a reaction to a series of awful things happening to women working in the games industry right now. It’s been on my mind a lot and I’ve decided to do a few designs to sort of work through my thoughts on it. This particular one is about the how interwoven the community is and yet how isolated the women are from each other, so it’s much easier to single them out for threats and harassment.”

10-14: Quiet Sentinels

The image of the day was a closeup of a scarred tree, with gnarled bark. I was trying to capture the feeling of the bark but ended up with this kind of imposing design.

10-15: Happy Fun Ball

Woohoo! Stripes! I love stripes. The inspiration image was of party plates and party things. This is a nice cheery design after the last two depressing ones. I think I like the binding detail best of all.

10-16: Autobahn

And the final image of the week was of a speedometer in a car! Super fun inspiration and colors for this one. I tried to capture the feel of the speedometer as well as car logos. The colors really make this one for me.

And that wraps up another week! I hope you all have a creative weekend!


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